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Your Order

There is anything concerning your order: Write a mail to service@spreadshirt.net

Can you deliver the shirts you promise in good quality and without ripping my credit card details?

europe-shirts.eu works together with spreadshirt, a renown company for t-shirt printing and delivery that is doing businesses all over Europe and North America. They provide us with high-quality flex printing technique, have access to certified shirt producers, take care of the payment and have experience in supporting you, if there is anything with your order or if you want to cancel it.

Where do I find the sizes, how do I know how the shirt is cut?

In the shirt shop and shirt-designer: If you scroll down, you can find pictures of the shirt’s “raw version” (in white, without the design). There is a tab, called “Sizes”, where each shirt size is described in centimeters.

How long does it take to get the shirt and what does it cost?

Every shirt is a unique production and will be produced 24-48 hours after order. Check here for Spreadshirt’s delivery times and  shipping costs.

In the shop you don’t have the combination of colour, shirt cut and design (and corresponding print technique) that I like. Can you give me a green tri-blend vintage shirt, with pink european stars in a furry (flock) print?

We can. But maybe it’s even more fun to make it yourself in our shirt-designer. There you can choose among a big bunch of different products, colours, and print colours and experiment with them. Find the designs you see in the shop under “Designs”. You can as well write your own text.


When opening the shirt-designer, I encounter a graphical error. It seems that a part of the application is “cut off”.

We heard people encountering this problem with Apple’s Safari Browsers. Such weird graphics can as well result from zooming in, i.e making the content appear larger. We are working on it. Using Firefox and/or not zooming in, makes the designer appear correct (and usable). Promise.

Connection to the European Union

Are you in any way related to or endorsed by the institutions of the European Union?

No. Not at all. We are simply guys who love Europe. No strings attached.

Am I allowed to wear the European Stars? (“Emblem”)

Indeed you are, but consider the following (from http://europa.eu/geninfo/legal_notices_en.htm#emblem)

Use of the EU emblem by third parties
The principles of use of the European Emblem by third parties have been set out in an administrative agreement with the Council of Europe.
This agreement has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 08/09/2012 (2012/C 271/04). According to this agreement, any natural or legal person (“third party user”) may use the European Emblem or any of its elements, as long as this use
(a) does not create the impression or assumption that there is a connection between the third party user and any of the institutions, bodies, offices, agencies and organs of the European Union or the Council of Europe where this connection does not exist;
(b) does not lead the public to believe that the user benefits from the support, sponsorship, approval or consent of any of the institutions, bodies, offices, agencies and organs of the European Union or the Council of Europe where this is not the case;
(c) is not made in connection with any objective or activity which is incompatible with the aims and principles of the European Union or the Council of Europe, or is otherwise unlawful.
If the use of the European Emblem complies with the above conditions, there is no need to ask for written permission. Registration of the European Emblem, or a heraldic imitation thereof, as a trade mark or as any other IP right is not acceptable. Questions related to use of the European Emblem can be directed to:
European Commission
Joint Research Centre, Directorate A.4 — Central IP Service
GUIM 5/20
B-1049 Brussels (Belgium)
E-mail: EC-EU-EMBLEM@ec.europa.eu

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